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Meet My Friends

These are ladies who come Highly Recommended as a Dou Partner or someone to seek companionship with in the event that I'm not available or in town✨❤️


Gentlemen, I bring to you, Khloe Love

Based in Sacramento but frequently travels to the Bay Area

Curves to leave you mesmerized and Exotic Eyes to have you hypnotized

Not only do I recommend her as a duo partner but I also suggest when you’re in desire of sensuality with an open minded companion that matches what I offer look no further than Khloe.

We both have a natural sensual desire to enjoy the pleasures and touch of a beautiful woman alongside a deserving man so let’s your dreams come true and enjoy this epic scintillating duo.



Meet Alicia the Royale Treat

Curvy Blonde Hottie based in SoCal


Not your average & ordinary PAWG and no exaggeration here when they say YMMV

Don't believe me? Tease yourself with a glimpse of her Reviews to prove so!

Ready for her? Give her a call!

Think you can handle a REAL CHALLENGE? Find out what we're like together!